NEW! Knock-It-Out-Eucalyptus

Super strong bio based eucalyptus cleaner/deodorizer

Product ID # 6386


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ENVIROMENTALLY PREFERRED – BIODEGRADABLE – INDUSTRIAL – STRENGTH- MALODOR SUPPRESSANT use to immediately neutralize foul odors from garbage – refuse – fecal and other animal discharges, or organic decomposition. Treats Compost Site Odors; Dumpster/Trash Bin Odors; Garbage/Waste Tuck Odors; Landfill Waste Odors; Lift Station Odors; Rendering Plant Odors; Totter Odors; Transfer Station Odors; Transfer Trailer Odors; and Waste Water Odors. Use on mold, mildew, urine, feces, sewage, virtually any undesirable odor.