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Clear Choice Cleaner Conditioner

Product ID # 7112


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Using 2x the detergent and butyl replacement, this alternative product is more economical to use and meets the guidelines as a green product. This “ALL IN ONE” solution can be used with automatic dispensing equipment or manually. Dilute to meet your cleaning requirement, Use fro heavy cleaning, light cleaning, floor stripping, daily cleaning and even as a glass cleaner. A concentrated , water-based cleaner/degreaser contains a mild alkali builder, “readily” biodegradable surfactants and a butyl replacement solvent, this item is truly versatile. For heavier cleaning or diluted down to 1 oz/gallon to clean an maintain finished floors. For use in a broad range of applications including dip tanks. Clear Choice Cleaner Conditioner has a pH of 10.0 – 11.0.